Welcome to Travelogizt!

Hi there! I am Thika. Welcome to my little internet corner!

I started traveling in Cambodia with my boyfriend in 2019 as a part of our hobby, and curiosity to learn more about our homeland. This motivation was intrigued by my trip experience in 2014. Back then, I was on my first trip to a small mountain village, Chi Pat, with my friends as a part of our volunteering work. It was then that I got immerse in the serene atmosphere of this small village– surrounded by dense forest and calm stream. It was just an amazing experience!

Since then, staying close to nature, discovering new places, and learning more about various cultures have always been on my mind. In 2019, I just gave it a try–starting traveling to new places in Cambodia. And following our few trips, I decided to write down our travel experience to these lesser-known destinations, and also about Cambodia as we go along.

Thus, if you are looking for travel guide in Cambodia, and especially discover more about lesser-known places in Cambodia, this blog is for you.

What would you like to discover?